Pellagor was founded in 2016 by Peter Boskma, Ola Nilsson and Mikael Dahlin. Out on Ingarö in the Stockholm archipellago, Micke, Ola and Peter brainstormed about how the perfect consultancy company should look like.

With their indvidual experiences from their past lives in IT consultancy, they decided to take the challenge to create a new IT consultancy company. This should be a company based on equal oportunities for all and with fair rewards for the work done by each. A company with a safe work environment for all, a company where people enjoy working and having fun.

A company where people are recognized and respected as individuals.

Pellagor should also be a company mirroring the society we live in, with people from all different backgrounds and cultures. When you talk a walk through the streets of for example Stockholm, you see a multicultural diversified society. We would like to create a similar diversity in Pellagor. And of course the right education, language abilities, relevant experience right ambition do matter to succeed.

With the above in mind we started Pellagor and we are committed to realise our ambition.

Foremost: we are extremely proud of all our colleagues that took the step to join us on our trip to the Pellagor future and of our customers that from day one believed in us and decided to make use of our services.

In the list below we list out some of the main events and successes during our recent years of existence.


  • Opening of the first international location of Pellagor, in Utrecht in the Netherlands, on 9 April 2019
  • Renamed Pellagor in Sweden to Pellagor Sverige AB


  • Strengthened the recruitment force with an additional full-time recruiter
  • Started search for new larger 'own' office
  • Almost doubled our revenue: 22,7 Msek revenue with 1,6 Msek profit


  • Strengthened the salesforce with a full-time sales
  • Ended the year with 16 employees
  • Full year result: 12,4 Msek revenue with 1,5 Msek profit


  • Formal registration of Pellagor AB at Bolagsverket and Skatteverket
  • Rented the first office at Arenavägen 55, floor 7
  • Start doing our first business from September onwards
  • Ended the year with 7 employees
  • Full year result: 4,3 Msek revenue with 0,4 Msek profit

Office Address

Arenavägen 55, 7 vån

Postal Address

Box 27

Contact Details

+46 708 877 061

E-post: info@pellagor.com


Office Address
The Netherlands

Computerweg 22
3542 DR  Utrecht

Postal Address

Computerweg 22
​3542 DR  Utrecht

Contact Details

+31 653 191 426
+31 655 362 374
E-post: info@pellagor.com




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