Our Vision

We have high ambitions. We are a company that adds value to the business of our customers and gives our employees the opportunity to develop. We  grow our company, nationally and internationally.

The way we work, the way we cooperate with our customers and partners and the way we treat our employees is based on respect for each other and respect for all involved parties. “Treat the other the way you want to be treated yourself”.

If you as an individual are engaged and motivated to deliver what is needed, if you act with integrity and respect, and in the meantime also enjoy working and developing yourself, then we have succeeded in creating a working environment that inspires and motivates people to do their very best, to run the extra mile, both for Pellagor and for our customers.

Our engaged employees are the essence to the success of Pellagor!

Our Values

Pellagor is a company based on the principle of equal rights and equal opportunities for all.

We are building a diversified company consisting of people from different backgrounds and ethnicities, a company with a balanced split split between women and men, a company that reflects the society around us.

  • Pellagor shall be a company with a safe working and living environment, where people enjoy working and having fun, and where every individual is treated with respect.

  • Pellagor shall recognize each individual's contribution: a good accomplishment shall be rewarded and appreciated, and also being reflected in the salary.

  • Pellagor shall be a value driven company. Of all essential values, we use integrity, engagement and respect as corner stones in our daily lives.

Pellagor is a modern IT consultancy company with the ambition to be a platform for sustainable, safe and appreciated relationships with its customers, its employees and its partners.

Office Address

Arenavägen 33, 8 vån

Contact Details

+46 708 877 061

E-post: info@pellagor.com





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