Consultancy services

Pellagor offers a broad range of consultancy services to its customers and delivers all types of IT competences, both on individual consultancy basis and as fully staffed projects, executed under Pellagors responsibility. Where specific knowledge is needed that is not available in our own organisation, we involve our network of trusted and approved subcontractors and delivery partners. 

With our own team we focus primarily on the business and management roles, around project management, business and requirement analysis and test consultancy. 

At Pellagor you can and we want you to grow in your role as Project manager, Tester, Test Manager or Requirement/Business Analyst. Our customers request our experience and we deliver passionate and knowledgeable consultants that burn or their profession.


Project management

A successful Project Manager has a broad palet of skills: ability to plan and structure the work, financial understanding, good communication skills and ability to think operationally, tactically and strategically are all important aspects. However, the most essential skill is leadership, your ability to enthusiasmate your team and keep them engaged during ups and downs.

Pellagor is strong in project management and has a team of consultants with much experience in leading projects. Being a project manager at Pellagor gives you the opportunity for continuous personal development, work with a variety of customers, and be involved in challenging projects in different industries and business sectors.

Business and Requirement Analysis


Do you want to play an integral role in turning ideas into functional final products? If this sounds intriguing, you might make a good requirements analyst.

To get a project rolling, you as an analyst talk with clients or internal stakeholders to discuss the purpose. What do they want to achieve? What should the software do? By listening to their ideas and concerns, you can start formulating and documenting what was agreed upon by both sides and put it into a form that software developers can decipher. Often this involves using Unified Modeling Language (UML) to create diagrams that enable visualisation of the system’s design.

To ensure that what the client wants is being created, you frequently check on the project’s progress and performance. You even may be involved in creating tests to judge how well the software is performing and then looking at data derived from those tests. If questions or problems arise, you acts as a liaison between the end user and the IT organisation. This may involve negotiating changes, such as setting up a new timeframe or securing a greater budget.

You may also consult with colleagues in quality control to verify performance. When software is put into actual use over a period of time, bugs might be spotted or ideas for improvement can be realized. You seek feedback and see if developers might be able to make modifications to enhance performance.

Quality Assurance

Test and Quality Assurance has over the recent years developed both as a competence area and as a key function for our customers. Many companies in digitalisation and IT-based services now realise the importance of quality assured products and services.

Our customers see how beneficial it is if they succeed deploying high quality services and products. The time that testing was nearly non-existing and a down-prioritised function between code development and production is history.

Now, agile transformation is no longer a new concept tossed around in planning meetings. Where and when possible, companies have transformed their ways of working from traditional waterfall to more agile methods. This development has resulted in demands for new competencies, and the way you as tester do your job has changed similarly.

You are now in much closer dialogue between responsible units in the development and operations chain, where you play a pivotal role during software development and towards deploy.

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