The partnership

Pellagor and Knowledge Values ( have established a unique partnership around ground breaking zero code AI solutions for enabling easy control over complexity.

Knowledge Values has over the years built a strong reputation around its scientific concept of Functional Classifications. This theory of reality knowledge and data reshapes artificial intelligence and data modelling.  It offers a new perspective on knowledge required to run a business and to control complexity through a full-fledged rationalization of enterprise logic. Knowledge Values has developed a paradigm focusing on defining, explaining and managing complexity. Combined with its matching 7th generation Match™ technology, it is unseen agile, lean and future-proof and extremely valuable for the digital economy.

For enterprises, the concept is a true paradigm shift: it enables them to at last fundamentally structure their business towards their business goals.

Through this partnership Pellagor can offer this unique concept and supporting Match™ tool suite to its customers. 

Complexity matters

Digital transformation, Artificial Intelligence, robotic process automation and big data are just different labels for business improvement.

Pellagor, powered with the IP of Knowledge Values, goes beyond volatile fashion. Complexity is engineered with Advanced Thinking models and the 7th generation Match™ technology.

Through these, enterprises can now capitalise on business content and realise straight through value chains.

Control Complexity

Controlling complexity using Match™ is based on the four principles of the paradigm

  • Rationality: functionally classified enterprise logic to achieve business goals

  • Transparency: 7th generation language easily understandable for humans and applications

  • Executability: immediately usable enterprise logic for humans and applications

  • Adaptability: mathematically controllable and single-point maintainable enterprise logic





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