Rental Housing allocation


A building society is in need of a smart solution to handle the allocation process and income assessment in an easy way, with maintaining full compliance to regulatory requirements. The regulatory demands are getting more and more complex by increased and taxation driven national and European legislation and enhanced surveillance on accountability.


A user friendly and web-based knowledge application to guide rental agents through the complex process of assessing income, suitability and accountability. The application supports the decision-making process and performs the calculations for both the European income test and the appropriate allocation test.

Two tailor made accountability documents are automatically generated based upon the processed input:

  1. an overview with reasoned conclusions for the audit by the accountant and

  2. the statement household income for signature by the customer


  • Correctness. Supports rental employees with a proper assessment of the allocation. Fewer errors by automating allocation requirements and complex income calculations.

  • Simplicity. Simplifies the allocation process. Rental employees go through the income test in just a few steps.

  • Transparency. Gives clear insight into the considerations for the allocation. Automatically generates reports that can be used for the audit by the accountant.

  • Uniformity. All laws, rules and knowledge to allocate appropriately are captured and applied in a uniform way.

  • Speed. Newly hired rental employees are more quickly up to speed, and with fewer manual operations.

  • Uniformity. Clear and consistent presentation accelerates the audit by the accountant.

  • Flexibility. Suitable for various types of usage: calculating adequate income in advertised rental or calculate rental fee based on income.

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