Smart work instructions

Business challenge

Writing good and easy to maintain work instructions (also known as Standard Operating Procedures or SOPs) can be very complicated.

In this bank, people were developing their own paper SOPs in various parts of the organisation and were factually reinventing the procedure over and over.

Due to the complexity of processes featuring a lot of if-then situations, these paper SOPs were not easy to set up, not easy to understand and difficult to implement.

Further all different versions of the same SOP were used in the various departments of the bank, caused by lack of proper version management of the SOP.


Knowledge-based modelling of the complex processes made it possible to create interactive and practical, user-friendly work instructions.

Applying the structuring principles ensured creating instructions with the shortest route to the objective. Match™ technology then instantly turned these instructions into working applications. Additionally, to create a single point of truth for SOPs, an App Store for SOPs, the so called ‘SOP Store’, was created in which users could easily find, use, rate and improve SOPs.


  • Control over complex processes through dynamic standardization

  • Single point of truth and easy maintenance of SOPs

  • On average 40% reduction of process handling time

  • On average 10% increase of First Time Fix

  • Continuous feedback and co-creation of SOPs through employees

  • Fast implementation of change: specification = application

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