Working for Pellagor

Pellagor offers good earnings to those who get an employment with Pellagor. We don't make a secret of this: we are proud to pay well for high performing consultants.

However, the success of a company cannot only be measured on the amount at the bottom of your salary slip. With our excellent secondary benefits package, we underline further why working for Pellagor can be interesting and beneficially.

Unique salary model

Our salary model is based on the principle of rewarding both loyalty to Pellagor and engagement to our customers. Our salary consists of a base salary and a provision part and is fully transparent. You know from the day you sign your employment contract how your salary will develop over time.

Opposite to traditional bonus oriented systems where your earning is also dependent on the performance and decision making of others outside your own control, your personal provision with Pellagor can only be influenced by yourself. 

With Pellagor you break free from the corset of traditional salary structures!


One of the large benefits when working as a consultant is the wealth of experience that you gain through all various assignments. By frequently meeting new challenges, working in new branches, with unkown systems, customers and environments you create and realise the prerequisites for this rapid individual experience development.

However, growing experience is not enough. By times, you need fresh tools to keep up with all new developments and methods. We believe that education is one of the most important means to stay up-to-date in an ever changing environment.

Therefore Pellagor offers relevant education, for free, to all. We continuously educate and certify ourselves. Pellagor invests in personal development, ensuring that both Pellagor and our consultants are highly appreciated out there on the market!


To be able to perform well at work, personal health and wellbeing is important. Therefore Pellagor offers in Sweden the popular wellness benefit. With 4000 sek to spend on a full year basis, you have no excuse anymore to not train and stay in form and shape.

A healthy mind performs the best in a healthy body!

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Arenavägen 33, 8 vån

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